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New Mothers More at Risk of OCD

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How to get your baby to latch on for breast-feeding

1. Support your baby along the back with your arm. Hold the back of their neck and bring them up to your breast. Line up your nipple with your baby’s nose. When they smell your milk, they’ll open their mouth. While your baby is young, you can stroke the cheek with the breast. When you do this, they should turn towards your nipple.

95 babies could be saved every hour if mums breastfed immediately after giving birth

English singer Myleene Klass recently went to the capital of The Philippines, Manila, with aid agency Save the Children to see how young mums cope in appalling conditions.

Myleene whose mother Magdalena is a Filipina was there to back a new campaign which centres on the alarming finding that 95 babies could be saved every hour if mothers around the world breastfed ­immediately after giving birth. Myleene has breastfed both of her own daughters, Ava, five, and Hero, who is 23 months old, so it is a subject Myleene has strong feelings about.

The Importance of Folic Acid

Pregnancy is not an illness, it is part of normal physiology, however when it comes to pregnancy diet is more important than ever. In particular folic acid in the diet, which is a common vitamin but if deficient can cause spinal chord problems, Anaemia and has now been linked with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Changes during pregnancy…

You will experience changes during pregnancy which will impact your dietary intake. Nausea and vomiting affects 70% of pregnant women and is exacerbated by fatigue. Some symptoms are relieved by small and frequent high carbohydrate meals. Nausea is most problematic during the first trimester although it can persist throughout pregnancy in 20% of women.

An increased appetite and thirst are experienced by 50% of women. The Capacity of the stomach is reduced in late pregnancy due to displacement by gravid uterus.

Healthy eaters give babies a taste of what’s to come

Babies can be exposed to fruit and vegetables even before weaning. At the annual meeting of the American Association of the Advancement of Science in Boston, Dr Julie Mennella said that babies learn about flavours through amniotic fluid in the womb and through mother’s milk.

‘Eat the healthy food that you enjoy and when the baby is old enough to start weaning they will be familiar with those flavours,’ she said.

4D Scans of your Baby at The Harley Street Centre

Normal ultrasound scans are two dimensional and give a flat image of your baby. 4D ultrasound images give a wonderful record of your baby’s face in the womb. The amazing advances of this technology allow you to look into the world of your unborn child. These 4D scans can have a great psychological and social value as well as providing a strong bonding experience, particularly for dads. These pictures give a first impression and keepsake for parents.

Maternity Advice Online

For millions of people around the world the internet is now their first stop for medical advice and although this can be extremely useful there are also major disadvantages in receiving information this way, particularly when it comes to pregnancy advice.

The biggest danger with websites is the uncertainty in quality and reliability. Although there many reliable and useful websites, maternity advice online is always second best compared with having a private midwife in Manchester, Alderley Edge or Cheshire which can be organised through our website.

Should I go to hospital if I start bleeding?

It is frequently asked what should be done if a woman experiences bleeding during pregnancy. Many women are not informed that some bleeding during pregnancy can be normal. However, other types of bleeding and spotting in pregnancy may indicate a problem, such as a placental disorder.

Obviously for a major bleed the answer is yes, a woman should go to hospital but a little spotting is less serious. The best advice would be from your midwife who will know you well, but if this person is not available then our online maternity advice may be able to help and reassure.

Record multiple births in 2011

There were 11,505 multiple births in 2011, most were twins, and 172 were triplets. That is one third more than there were in 2010. This very marked rise is due to the fact that 11,000 babies a year are born by IVF, of which 1 in 5 are multiple births compared with 1 in 80 from natural conception.

Pregnancy Advice Online

The new website Simply Better Births launched only last week and is already proving very popular. Not only does Simply Better Births offer one to one counselling, it provides early pregnancy advice online, right through to baby feeding advice online. It also provides maternity care costs around the country.  There are advantages and disadvantages of both public and private healthcare, but whichever route you choose supplementing your knowledge or getting a little extra advice from Simply Better Births will put you at much greater ease and could benefit your pregnancy.


Wednesday’s Newsnight and the publishing of the Francis report yesterday highlighted the increasing problems of the NHS and care of patients, this also reflects the problems that midwifery has in the UK.

The finite resources of the NHS are increasingly stretched and unable to meet the rising expectations of patients.

These circumstances will see ladies increasingly having to depend upon online midwifery websites and on private midwifery groups to obtain the information they require for their pregnancy.

The Independent Midwife

As patients find it increasingly difficult to get antenatal information from the overstretched NHS resources, independent midwifes are becoming increasingly important.

How does one find a midwife? It can be a problem but the midwives of SIMPLYBETTER BIRTHS are completely independent, although they do also work for the NHS.

We are also hoping to develop a baby support line because increasingly mums complain they are unable to get sufficient information, practical help or reassurance when they return home with their new baby.

Launch of Simply Better Births

This week sees the launch of Simply Better Births; a bespoke private midwifery service. The UK’s leading midwife Sarah Denning heads up a team of UK qualified midwives, whose mission is to enable the best possible pregnancy, birth experience, and post natal care.

Midwifery in UK

Most ladies deliver their babies through the NHS system, however resources are stretched and many women are not as well prepared for this life changing experience as they should be, in particular preparing mothers’ for childbirth is under provided (ante-natal counselling).

Few ladies are told that assisted forceps delivery can lead to 80% of women suffering incontinence problems and that there has been a rise in post traumatic stress disorder with one in three women in an Israeli study experiencing symptoms of PTSD.